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The landscaping and the organic rock edge of the pool on the left are differentiated from the house on the travertine “island” on the right. The multiple pitch of the roof starting at an 8:12 pitch at the ridge down to a 3:12 pitch at the eaves gives the relaxed feel of the ”Dickey” Hawaiian sloped roof.

Pop up TV cabinet with custom carved doors by McD Philpotts of Mountain Wood Farms.

Each Ohia hardwood log was cored to slip over the steel columns. The green Hikie’e , a built in Hawaiian bed, is located on the lanai to enjoy the coastline view.

The hand hewn Ohia hardwood floor steps down to a travertine Master Bedroom lanai.

The dropped lanai and railing provides an un-obstructed view to the reef and ponds below.

Board and Batten wall finish is reminiscent of historical Hawaiian homes.

The Living Room pocket doors open to the lanai.

The butler pantry beyond helped visually to reduce the size of the kitchen to “cottage” size. The central cook-top counter was designed to look like a kitchen table.

The upper bedrooms of the two buildings are linked to all lower spaces by a bridge and stair to the right.

The circular Ohia hardwood stair treads are carved to fit into the Ohia log central post.

Ohia log railings and highly detailed window trim beyond.

Veneer stone niche.

Window bench placed next to windows for optimum breeze.

Puako Reef motif hand carved by McD Philopotts.


Master bedroom with coffee bar and pop-up TV cabinet to the left.

Stair from Master Bedroom linked to bridge.

Master Lanai

Bridge to Master bedroom or down to Kitchen.

Curved brass handrail curves around Ohia Log center post.

Reading bed looking down on pool.

Lanai Hikie’e made from original house Ohia posts.

One car garage reduces the scale of the house.

Thirty to forty-year-old Plumeria trees were avoided or craned un-pruned to new positions.

Curved Ohia branch column brackets add an organic feel to the cottage.

Circular stair connecting the two buildings.

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