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The multiple roof forms reduce the scale of this large home. The main lanai was located on the side of the kitchen and the landscape was kept low to insure an unobstructed view down to the coastline.

The entrance experience was centered on the Japanese Kimono in the Dining room beyond and the Koi pond in the foreground.

The foyer is covered with a trellis and opens to the entry space, which again opens to the exterior pond.

The stream and waterfall on the mauka side flows down makai to the koi pond and living room beyond.

After the entry experience the big view from the living room and kitchen is experienced.

The kitchen is the center space with the surrounding spaces of the Living Room, Dining room, exterior lanai and bar.

The Master bathroom shoji windows open up to the coastline view across the stairwell.

The central balcony between the two makai bedrooms becomes an informal meeting area with the best view.

the standing seam double pitch roof is broken down to multiple forms. The garage on the right has thin solar collectors that are placed in between the ribs of the dark green roofing and are almost invisible.

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